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Building a face
(Exploring the dream girl's face mesh)



When I started with animation Master in September 1998, I did not believe I could make a credible 3d-CG human - especially when I saw the work of Jeff Bunkers and others. So I decided to draw and model easy cartoony characters. Every now and then I would get bored with these and try my hand at something human.

The combination of spline and rotoscope made it much easier than I thought and I would model body parts - head, torso, hand and feet - purely for experimental purposes. These modeling binges would come whenever I got stuck in my 'eternal cartoon project'. I would put them down and return at the next binge. With each experiment, m confidence grew but I was never motivated to do a complete, detailed and somewhat human until I lost a great chunk of hard work in my eternal cartoon project when my 3 month old hard drive went belly up. (Please back up your work all the time do not assume since a drive is new that this is not necessary). Any way I had this head on my old HDD eons ago and decided to lick my wound by trying to make it look better while I waited for GateWay to send me a replacement drive

To cut the story short, the head I modeled lead to the dream girl .
Now on to the experiment


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