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Dream on. Let your fantasies run wild and free.


In every one of us there exists a dream world - a magic kingdom, a secret room or a mysterious island. We escape to our dream world when this life treats us badly, when we are happy, in love, angry or sad or simply when we want something different.

Here we can live our fantasies without limits, without bounds, without constraints, without restraints, without guilt.

Here we can soar like an eagle; run like the gazelle; lift a million pounds; slay dragons and mythical beasts and of course, get married to the most beautiful ladies and handsome men.

In short, real life cannot compare to our dream world.

It is the artist in us that releases the dream world within so that others can get a glimpse of it.

This site is about the dream world within me and the artist in me that is struggling to set it free.



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